Modeling of an Electric Bus Using MATLAB/Simulink and Determining Cost Saving for a Realistic City Bus Line Driving Cycle


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Since the discovery of the internal combustion engine in the 19th century, petroleum and its derivatives are used in most of the vehicles which is using for transportation on the Earth. The environmental pollution caused by petroleum, the largest energy source used worldwide for over 100 years, the danger of depletion of the reserves and the increase in the price of the barrels have encouraged scientists to develop cleaner and more efficient clean energy sources. Electric vehicles, according to conventional vehicles with internal combustion engine; has advantages such as noiselessness, high efficiency, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. In this paper, city buses, which are frequently used worldwide and in our country, have been handled to find out what advantages will be provided when the electric motor is switched to use, to calculate what the costs will be and to show how this change can be applied were carried out. Considering the concepts such as emission, fuel-maintenance costs and noise pollution caused by the use of city buses, a 12-meter bus is modeled in MATLAB/Simulink environment for full electrical urban use. The “HV SUMO HD HV3500” model of TM4 was chosen as the electric motor for the modeled vehicle. For the simulation process, driving cycle has generated in 541 Eryaman-Kızılay line which is one of the urban bus lines and simulations were applied on this cycle. As a result of the simulations performed, total range, remaining range and energy consumptions were examined and comparisons were made for the different weights of the bus. The effects of regenerative braking on battery status were investigated. Simulations were repeated by changing the resistance values and the effects on battery usage and range were investigated.


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