Development and fabrication of vehicle body paints mixing machine


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The exterior surface attractive appearance of every designed and the fabricated machine includes the vehicles is determined by the type of paint color it has to the one who takes its looks. The well-painted machine is added its value to the customers from its physical outer appearance. High attractive paint color from paint mixing activities plays an important role in the production mechanism of any attractive exterior surfaces have done by the painter industries and auto body repair companies. In some developing countries with a low percentage of industries including Rwanda, finding a standardized auto-body paint mixing machine is very expensive. Then, auto-body repair and painters in different vehicle repair industries and garages try to mix paints by using their hands without other assistance which is known as manual auto-paint mixing operation. However, this manual mixing method has several disadvantages like unattractive paint colors, low painting quality outputs, unresisting paint to solar, and rain which reduce the product’s value. During the mixing operation, their hands' skin being unhealthy because of the chemicals from the paints and respiration system affected by paint smell. This method takes more time during mixing but resulted in a non-uniformity of mixed paint. Therefore, this research aim is to design and implement a paint mixing machine with accurate paint color at an affordable cost. The machine is fabricated using the materials which are available on local markets. This machine will offer more benefits to the vehicle repair companies, vehicle sellers, and dealers such as time reduction taken during vehicle body painting, more customers, the confidentiality of taking the used vehicles to the markets.


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