Quarter Car Active Suspension System Control Using Fuzzy Controller


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The performance of active suspension systems is directly related to the mechanical design and control of the system. The stable operation of the controller improves driving comfort and handling. The quarter car model is frequently used in the analysis of suspension systems due to its simple structure. In this study, Matlab Simulink software was used in the modeling, control and simulation of the quarter car active suspension model. System performance was investigated for four different road profiles with PID and fuzzy logic control methods. Two of the road profiles used are in the form of impact signals consisting of pits and bumps. The other two road profiles are random road disturbances with high frequency. The effects of active and passive suspension systems on driving comfort are compared by taking into account the control methods used. As a result of the study, it has been determined that the fuzzy logic controller gives better results in pulse signals consisting of bumps and pits, and the PID controller gives better results in high-frequency random road disturbances. In addition, with the use of fuzzy logic control method in the active suspension system, a significant decrease in the actuator force has occurred. This result is very interesting in terms of minimizing energy, reducing actuator sizes and reducing costs. 


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