Autonomous Feed Pushing Robot Design and Manufacturing


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The inability of animals to reach the food during feeding causes stress and may lead to a decrease in milk yield. At this point, adequate nutrition of animals in farms is very important in terms of milk yield. In this study, the design and manufacture of an autonomous machine that can be used in animal farms and facilities has been carried out. The functions of the device were determined and the main chassis and the parts were designed. First, the main chassis, which forms the body of the device was designed and electronic components were assembled on it. Feed is pushed by means of the drum, which is mounted on the main chassis with the connecting arms and located outside. The device was produced with the designed machine body. The machine can provide forward-backward, rotational and drum movements. It has a mass of approximately 80 kg and is equipped with three 12 V direct current electric motors. The device, which can be operated with Arduino and interface program, can move autonomously. The machine designed and manufactured has been tested in the animal farm.


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