Investigation of the use of fuel cell hybrid systems for different purposes


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With the increase in global energy demand, air pollution becoming uncontrollable does not fall off the agenda. It is inevitable to use and spread of renewable energy sources to make energy production cleaner, more reliable and sustainable. In studies for this purpose, the use of fuel cell systems comes to the forefront thanks to its many advantages. The use of hybrid systems is becoming more common day by day in order to minimize the efficiency losses that may occur in the energy production, use and waste management process, to ensure energy reliability and to prevent systemic problems. In this study, hybrid systems created with fuel cells are discussed in detail, and examined under three main headings: hybrid systems created with renewable energy sources, created with storage devices, and created for energy recovery. It has been observed that the main purpose of hybrid systems created with renewable energy sources is to ensure energy reliability. In addition, the electrical energy required for the electrolysis of hydrogen used as fuel in fuel cells can be provided by photovoltaic panels or wind turbines, thus eliminating fuel storage and transportation problems. In hybrid systems created with storage devices, it is aimed to prevent instantaneous interruptions in the system by meeting the instantaneous power needed by the system and successful results have been achieved. In the hybrid systems created for energy recovery, it has been seen that it is possible to recover the heat and unburned fuel energy released from the fuel cell with thermophotovoltaic cells, gas turbines and heat exchangers.


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