Effect of Clutch Pedal Distances on Fuel Consumption Under Actual Operating Conditions


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Clutch systems are the auxiliary system for transmitting the power and torque obtained in the internal combustion engine to the gearbox, starting the vehicle, and providing gear changes. The different use of the clutch pedal directly affects the performance and fuel consumption of the vehicle. Research on fuel economy, performance, etc., in vehicles, is costly and time-consuming. In the studies conducted by researchers on braking and gearbox, experimental test equipment that allows the vehicle to operate in many different parameters and instantaneously control fuel consumption has been used. The studies have generally focused on braking and gearbox-related studies. This study investigates fuel consumption values at different pressing distances of the clutch pedal. In the experiments, with the engine at a constant speed of 3000 1/min and the gearbox in second gear, the fuel consumption at 0-20-40-60% depressions of the clutch pedal were measured. According to the data, fuel consumption values increased with increased clutch pedal depressing distance.


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