Study on the Flexible Dynamic Analysis of the Wheel Loader Under Working Conditions and Comparison with Static FEA Results


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The boom is the main body part of the mechanism for wheel loader earth-moving machines. It is critical that the boom is able to both meet the kinematic requirements and withstand the stresses that come from the breakout and lifting of the material during operation. Theoretical forces can be extracted from the mechanism after the completion of the kinematic modeling. The boom, which can be examined under static conditions with reference to these forces, can be evaluated within the framework of basic requirements. However, within the scope of this approach, it is not possible to determine the problems that may occur in the dynamic working conditions of the wheel loader. This may cause unexpected failure. For this reason, the boom design, which has met the requirements in terms of static strength, should also be reviewed dynamically. In this study, the kinematically designed boom part was first analyzed in the MSC Mentat package program in the most statically critical position. In order to be evaluated dynamically, the structure was modeled as flexible dynamics in the MSC Adams package program. In this way, stress-time distributions of the boom were obtained from data on working conditions. According to these results, the structure was also examined dynamically in terms of strength.


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