Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Modeling, Path Tracking, and Simulation: A MATLAB Implementation Approach


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This paper presents a thorough exploration of vehicle dynamics modeling and simulation, focusing on lateral, longitudinal, and vertical motion. A comprehensive mathematical representation of a car-like vehicle is developed, incorporating both kinematic and dynamic models to accurately capture its behavior. Initially, a kinematic model is established to describe fundamental motion in a 2D plane, while a subsequent dynamic model considers various forces influencing the vehicle's motion in a 3D space. The vertical motion of the vehicle is primarily influenced by its suspension systems. In this paper, we initially introduced a fundamental 2 Degree of Freedom (DOF) quarter car suspension model and subsequently presented a more comprehensive half car suspension model which accounts for both the front and rear body parts of the vehicle. The developed models are implemented using MATLAB/Simulink, enabling rigorous testing and validation of their accuracy. Simulation results demonstrate the precision of the developed models, consistently aligning with expected vehicle behavior under different input conditions. Specifically, the models accurately replicate vehicle motion in straight lines and circular patterns, corresponding to longitudinal speed and steering angle inputs. Additionally, a path tracking controller is integrated to showcase the model's efficiency and validate its derived parameters. The reliability and accuracy of the thoroughly developed models underscore their suitability for algorithm development and validation, essential for advancing autonomous vehicle technology and enhancing vehicle safety and performance.


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Engineering Perspective
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