Thermal modeling of solid hydrogen storage in a LaNi5 metal hydrid tank


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This paper presents a detailed 3D model of a solid hydrogen storage tank based on metal hydride LaNi5 technology, utilizing COMSOL Multiphysics 6.1 software. The model takes into account the coupling of momentum, heat, mass and energy transfer within the LaNi5 metal hydride during hydrogen absorption. The main objective of the study is to analyze the temporal evolution of temperature and pressure within the tank as hydrogen is absorbed. In addition, the paper investigates the effectiveness of a cooling strategy involving the integration of cooling tubes into the tank configuration. This approach aims to enhance the thermal management of the storage system by dissipating excess heat generated during hydrogen absorption.

Simulation results demonstrate the changes in temperature and pressure occurring within the LaNi5 metal during the process of hydrogen absorption. The implementation of an air-based cooling system emerges as an effective means of regulating the temperature of the storage tank, thus creating optimal conditions for hydrogen absorption processes. This understanding is essential to the development of efficient thermal management solutions for solid hydrogen storage technologies. By comprehensively analyzing the thermal behavior of the LaNi5 metal hydride tank, this numerical study suggests that the efficient design of storage system is very important for rapid absorption of hydrogen.


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